Jeanna & Josh | Lifestyle Session | Bradley, Illinois

So what is a lifestyle session? That's a question I often hear. A lifestyle session is as real as it gets. It's a photography session with more of an organic documentary approach but in an artistic fashion.

Typically, a lifestyle session would be done in the client's home, outdoors, a park, you name it. My favorite is in the client's home, especially if my clients have small children. Way less stress, you guys! I never pose but rather suggest starting points such as snuggle, play a game, or tell silly jokes. I prefer this type of approach no matter what session I do. But a lifestyle session is so much more laid back. Less pressure = more relaxed clients and genuine smiles. This not only works with families but works great with couples too! 

For this particular lifestyle session I visited Jeanna and Josh in their beautiful old home (I'm a sucker for old houses) on a foggy Monday morning. I was happy to meet baby Hazel and see silly Hattie again! If you've ever dealt with a toddler you know that they rule the show. Since I was on her terms she was much more relaxed. Same goes for mom! She just had a baby for crying out loud! I remember those days. The thought of leaving the house with my new nursling gave me anxiety. I sat back with my camera like a fly on the wall photographing their family just doing their thing. Every once in awhile I would make a suggestion to read a book together or play blocks. No posing, no asking anyone to look at the camera and smile. Just genuine interactions and giggles.