My Family Portraits

Moms, I'd like to acknowledge how much you put into a photo session. Between coordinating outfits, making sure nobody spills milk on themselves between home and the session, loading everything and everyone into the car, and getting to the session on time, it's exhausting!

And then stress of making sure your children aren't out of control wild because let's face it, children seem to be their worst when you need them to be their best. 


In the end, no matter what, we will capture THEM being THEM. Their personality will shine through whether they are timid and mild or hyper and wild. Those are the images to cherish and look back on with a smile. Sure, the perfectly posed photos with a smile are nice too but how many children do you know actually do that?

Here's a story. I try to do my own family photos every Fall. Usually I hire another photographer to do them but this season got away from me between weddings, senior sessions, and family sessions. I happened to have some time between sessions last Sunday and the weather was perfect so I decided it was now or never. We didn't have coordinating outfits so everyone wore a band t-shirt and jeans. My husband and I loaded our kids into the car and headed for the closest forest preserve.

I have a shy 13 year old and an unruly 2 year old. The outcome was US. Casual, silly, and loving. And that's what I see when I look through the photos taken that day. I see my oldest being a loving big brother laughing with his goofball sister.

So, with that being said, it's worth it in the end. Try not to stress and just enjoy the moment. :)