I've gone back and forth over the years about whether or not I should have a gallery of my personal work on the same website as my commercial work or if I should have a separate website. I've even taken a poll with friends. The consensus was nearly a tie with majority voting on separate website stating that it would be more professional. I get that. I really do. And I did that for awhile but it just doesn't seem right to me to not have a website that contains all styles of work. 

I hear from clients all the time that they really enjoy my personal work. I've just recently heard from a wedding client that one of the main reasons they decided to go with me was for my creativity displayed in my personal work. Some of it may come across as dark or eerie to some, but it all has a deep meaning to me. It is my art. I hope that you enjoy it. But if you find yourself turned away by it please look through the rest of my galleries and know that I'm versatile and enjoy photographing many subjects.